Welcome to EastEndTri

East End Triathlon (EET) is a triathlon coaching company helping multisport athletes take their training to the next level and achieve their multisport goals. EET offers customized training plans as well as full coaching services that will provide you with everything you need to prepare for your next race at affordable rates.

Whether you need help training for your first triathlon, want to tackle a new distance, or want to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, East End Triathlon can help you get there. EET will provide you with a detailed training plan created specifically for you.

East End Triathlon is based in eastern Long Island, but has experience assisting clients on an international scale.

Full Coaching Services

The "Full Coaching" option will provide you with everything you need in preparation for your race. This includes the training plan and unlimited communication with your coach. Whether you have questions about a workout, need to adjust the plan to fit in a change in your normal schedule, have a question about nutrition during training, or any other issues you may have, your EET coach will be there for you. We will provide you with all the tools, both physically and mentally, to achieve your race goals. Here are the details of everything included in this package:

  • Extensive evaluation of lifestyle and daily habits to develop the right plan for you
  • Review of previous training, results, and determining strengths & weaknesses
  • Determination of realistic goals and how to achieve them
  • Help planning your race schedule
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Personalized Training Plan

The Plan is a training plan specifically designed for YOU. We will create a plan that fits best into your schedule and provide all the details of each workout. The plan length will vary depending on the distance of the race you are doing and what your goals are for the race will be determined through some questionnaires and a consultation. This option is geared towards athletes that want a customized plan, but don't feel the need to have someone looking over their shoulder throughout, reviewing their workouts, or developing race strategies for their races:

  • Extensive evaluation to develop the right plan for YOU
  • Review of previous training, results, and determining strengths & weaknesses
  • TrainingPeaks.com account to log workouts
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Run Dynamics

Between the popularity of movements like minimalism and Chi Running, more people than ever are trying to fix their running form in the hope of eliminating injuries and getting faster. Each school of running form has its converts who swear it’s the miracle cure. Experts say there’s not enough research to definitively say that any of these methods prevent—or cause—injuries. One thing is for sure: Try to make a radical change to your form suddenly, without giving your body a chance to adjust, and you’ll end up injured. So how do you determine whether your form needs fixing? As long as you’re running comfortably and injury-free, there’s no reason to believe it does.

Your running mechanics are determined by the strength and flexibility of certain muscles and how your body is built. Here are a few basics to help you maintain proper running form on any terrain

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